Brydian shows benefits of Bürkle install

Just six months after the installation of a complete Bürkle production line, Brydian Cards has experienced significant benefits from product quality linked to increased productivity.

Previously, Brydian Cards purchased pre-striped magnetic tape from external suppliers and whilst this method worked, it often caused delivery lead time restraints. Today, with the purchase of the Bürkle TL 1500 Tape Layer, Brydian can now hold stock of pre-striped magnetic reels providing improved deliveries to customers and greater flexibility to meet market demands.

The Bürkle Tape Layer is configured for both web-to-web and web-to-sheet operation and has significantly improved accuracy. Brydian now has the flexibility to produce magnetic tape in 12.7mm to 8.4mm width, allowing more text information, such as terms and conditions, to be added to the rear of the card, which is very popular on our extensive gift card range.

Bürkle Tape Layer TL 1500

The next investment was an additional Bürkle CGM 400 Compact Gathering Machine for accurate semi-automated collation of the printed split cores and outer laminates. The collated sets are free from handling, which helps the lamination process with reduced plate cleaning. Again, accuracy is much improved and running speeds via Brydian’s two collation lines perfectly match the lamination capacity.

Bürkle CGM 400 Compact Gathering Machine

The single largest investment of the Bürkle family was a 6 daylight twin stack Smartlam CHK100/200S laminator. The fully automated process has resulted in a much improved operator workflow and again resulted in vast improvements in lamination quality and reduce waste. Plate life has also been extended due to better ergonomics of the user-friendly loading and unloading station, which is a real positive. This lamination system has now been in 24-hour operation since January and each cycle has been perfect in terms of quality and repeatability of process settings.

6 daylight twin stack Smartlam CHK100/200S laminator

The final investment was a Bürkle KS 104 Card Punch. This fully automatic punching system features high throughput and high precision punching with a unique sheet feeder for fully automatic processing of sheets directly after the printing or lamination without need of edge or strip cutting. The system also utilises magazines for card output, significantly manual handling of cards, thus reducing the risk of scratches and increasing product quality.

Bürkle KS 104 Card Punch

The first two quarters of 2013 have shown significant benefits of measured investment and how improved quality really does reduce operational costs. Brydian Cards have a proven reputation as a user-friendly company with a sales and account management team delivering a quick response to all customer requirements. The Bürkle investment has further cemented our profile as THE growing force within the UK’s card manufacturing community.

With a capacity in excess of 4 million cards per month, Brydian is now a key partner to many of the UK’s top card issuers and resellers. 

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