Graphic Design Studio

Our Graphic Design team specialises in card creation and have produced thousands of exclusive best-selling artworks. Our experienced studio staff will be happy to design your card for you, working from a rough sketch or basic brief.

Your card should be a high-impact marketing tool, so our design team is dedicated to creating a powerful layout which will enhance your message and product presentation.

You will be given a proof for approval.

Additional card features

You should advise us of any additional features you would like to incorporate with your card design:

  • Embossing information and line(s) required
  • Signature panel(s)
  • Magnetic tape
  • Smart chip
  • Hologram
  • Barcode
  • Number
  • Hot foil
  • Hole & Slots
  • Tag punching

Colour specifications

All files (unless CMYK) require PMS colour references from the Pantone® colour matching system.

We can, however, colour match to a sample/swatch that you supply. Please ensure files supplied to print as spot colours are supplied as such; this may mean converting mixed colours to spot.

File specifications

Files should be supplied as 'one ups' to the following specifications:-

  • The standard card is 85.5mm x 54mm
  • Minimum and maximum bleed of 2mm to give a print area of 89.5mm x 58mm
  • Maximum extent for images and text not intended to bleed is 2mm in from card edge, giving a usual print area of 81.5mm x 50mm

Please remember the finished card will have a 3mm radius corner

Preferred artwork format


PDF is the preferred format for sending us your artwork. The PDF files should have the fonts embedded and be a high quality PDF for high resolution printing. PDF files should be saved for "Printing Press" as CMYK and not for "web" RGB mode.

Other artwork formats

If you need to send an EPS file, please create OUTLINES of ALL TEXT and save as an Adobe Illustrator .EPS file. This will ensure that there are no problems accurately reproducing your design.

You can also send your art as a Photoshop "PSD" FILE. For best results with your Adobe Photoshop file, we recommend you send us your original "layered" file.

Please contact our design studio to discuss your artwork requirement.

Email or call 01308 421 821.